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Vehicle Servicing

Here at Ele’s we professionally maintain all types of vehicles and give great customer care. All of our work is done to a high standard just as you would expect from a main dealership but without the big dealer prices.
We are registered and approved by ‘The Good Garage Scheme’ and service all vehicles from small cars to sports/prestige cars. …

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Tyre Replacement

Ele’s can offer a tyre fitting service to private and commercial motorists across a comprehensive selection of brands and sizes.

All of our tyres and wheels are supplied, fitted and balanced in our price, our workshop is fitted with the latest equipment…

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Batteries & Parts

If you’ve kept your car for a long period of time, you will probably have to replace the battery or car parts at some stage in its life. We can supply quality car parts and batteries for every type of car. Call us for expert advice and delivery times…..

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Full Garage Facilities

Ele’s garage, have just moved to a new premises, all fitted out with new equipment, tools, a comfortable waiting area with refreshments available while you wait. Combine this with over 30 years of experience in the business and specialists in repairs and servicing of your cars, Chris, Paul and Simon will take pride in offering the highest standard of workmanship available….

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Air Conditioning

Ele’s offers Air Con re-gassing as well as air con related repairs. Our re-gas service includes a UV dye to help identify any potential leaks and we will soon have you on your way in cool comfort!


Ele’s can efficiently repair all exhaust issues, whether a blown gasket, faulty lambda sensors, corroded pipework or block CATs and DPFs – contact us for expert advice regarding your exhaust today.


If you are experiencing symptoms such as clutch judder, a slipping clutch or have difficulty engaging gears, Ele’s can offer a free diagnosis and provide a no obligation estimate for competitively priced repairs.


Your cambelt, also called your timing belt, makes sure the camshaft and crankshaft rotate in sync. If the timing is off engine parts can get damaged. Manufacturer’s recommend replacing your timing belt every set number of years or miles. If you are unsure of when your belt should be replaced, please contact Ele’s for our expert advice and a free quotation.

DPF cleaning and re-generation

The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) can become blocked and reduce engine performance. With our specialist equipment, we can effectively clean and regenerate your vehicle’s DPF meaning improved engine response and power, better fuel economy and improving the lifespan of your DPF.

MOT Repairs

We can carry out all MOT repairs, ranging from minor advisories such as bulbs and wiper blades to more extensive repairs such as renewing parts, improving emissions, suspension components and welding.

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Address: 15 Manfield Park, Guildford Road, Cranleigh, Surrey, GU6 8PT

Phone: 01483 277794